3 bee-utiful napkin ideas

3 Bee-utiful Napkin Ideas | www.SmartyHadAParty.com

Summer is right around the corner and to celebrate a little bit early, we have some bright inspiration that is inexpensive, bee-utiful, and extremely versatile.

Here are some great napkin ideas to illuminate any event and, as an added bonus, free printables!

  1. Embellish party favors with paper napkins.

Wrap a napkin around a treat bucket for that Smarty touch. | www.SmartyHadAParty.com

What you need:

Cut a sliver of the a napkin and add it to your party favors – we used the Black Grandeur Paper Dinner Napkins. Carry out the theme by incorporating the same napkin in each place setting. From there, tie a black ribbon around the favor to finish it.

Adding a printable to your favors makes them look professional and beautiful.

Smarty Party Theme Idea: “Meant to Bee” is an adorable motif for a wedding. Decorate with yellow, black, and white and maybe even give your guests honey as a wedding favor.

      2. Wrap gifts or favors in a paper napkin.

Wrap gifts with unique napkins for a personal and inexpensive touch. | www.SmartyHadAParty.com

What you need:

If you are planning on having a gift table at your next event, wrapping small presents in paper napkins and ribbon is a wonderful way to coordinate your gift table with your guest tables. If you are not having a gift table, you can wrap your favors in paper napkins instead.

Smarty Party Theme Idea: Having a gender reveal bash? A “What Will Baby Bee” themed reveal party is sure to awe your guests. Have someone put something pink or blue inside of your napkin wrapped box (maybe even some confetti?!) and open it in front of your guests for the big reveal.

3. Dress up your centerpieces with paper napkins.

Wrap a napkin around a vase that duels as a centerpiece and a take home for the queen bee. | www.SmartyHadAParty.com

What you need:

Fold and attach paper napkins to your centerpieces. Tie a matching bow around the centerpiece and add a printable for that WOW factor.

Smarty Party Theme Idea: A “Queen Bee” theme is perfect for Mother’s Day or a birthday party.

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Party Seriously, Smarties!


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