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4 Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas | www.SmartyHadAParty.com

Are you a DIY bride looking for a unique, alternative, and affordable wedding cake idea? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place! We have four alternative wedding cake ideas that will save you money and charm your guests. We started with four cakes and four plates. Our new colored cake plates, to be specific. Using these plates at your dessert table is a great way to add some color to your event. The four cakes have different personalities, styles, and color schemes that pair perfectly with each of our colored cake plates.

1. The Waffle Cake:


The waffle cake is great for daytime weddings, wedding brunches, and for any waffle lover! This cake works well for a backyard or rustic wedding. It’s also great for the low key bride and groom who love brunch.

Here is what you need to create the Waffle Wedding Cake:

2. The Rice Crispy Cake:


The Rice Crispy Cake has the look and shape of a traditional cake and appeals to the fun, light-hearted bride and groom. The Rice Crispy Cake is an inexpensive, simple alternative cake idea. There are only a few ingredients and there is no oven required! We made our Rice Crispy Cake simple and elegant, but you can jazz it up by dipping the cake into colored chocolate and even adding sprinkles to match your color scheme.

*Smarty Party Tip #1: We used different sized spring form pans to get the desired cake-like shape we wanted. 

*Smarty Party Tip #2: Make sure to grease your pans really well so that the Rice Crispy Cake comes off of the pan easily.

Here is what you need for the Rice Crispy Cake:

3. The Bundt Cake:


Try combining the Bundt Cake with a rustic, simple wedding. You can make the bundt cakes from scratch or you can save money and use a cake mix.

Smarty Party Tip: Make sure to grease your pans so that the cakes come out beautifully after removing them from the oven!

Here is what you need for the Bundt Cake:

4. The Donut Cake:

Donut-Wedding-Cake Idea-SmartyHadAParty.com

Going with a donut cake is an adorable addition to any trendy, funky wedding. If you enjoy baking, you can make the donuts from scratch, however the less stressful option is having a local bakery make the donuts for your big day.

Here is what you need for the Donut Cake:

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Styling: Jackie Carper, Andrea Roewe, Ashleigh Murphy, Ashley Dolan

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  • Very interesting!! Your ideas are very useful & easy to execute.Like third one idea especially. Thanks for sharing these inspirational ideas.

    • Thanks Jennifer! The bundt cake is one of my favorites too! 😀