4 for the 4th: Glow Cotton Candy

4 awesome party ideas 4 all you Smarties 4 the 4th of July.

So far we’ve got Patriotic Martinis, A Rooftop Picnic… and now for idea number three:

These are nothing like those so-greasy-that-they-actually-look-glow-in-the-dark potatoes you used to get with your hot meal in the school caf…

This is pure sugar, melt-in-your-mouth, light up cotton candy goodness elegantly placed in our very own cocktail glasses.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • cocktail glasses (We recommend tall glasses with stems that can be filled.)
  • pink and blue cotton candy (best fresh and fluffy)
  • red and blue glow sticks (2-3 per glass)
How to make ’em:
  1. Wrap a handful of pink and/or blue cotton candy around 2-3 glow sticks. Be very gentle so as not to mold the cotton candy and make it stiff.
  2. Place one cotton candied glow stick in each cocktail glass.
  3. Arrange the cotton candy so that it completely fills the glass and loosely forms an ice-cream shaped top.
  4. Serve and enjoy.
Bagged cotton candy would definitely work, but fresh cotton candy is much easier to wrap around the glow sticks and looks a lot more delicious. So, we went to Dylan’s Candy Bar for ours and had it made on the spot.


It is important that the glow sticks you buy are the right height for your cocktail glasses. We used 5″ glow sticks, however a shorter length would still give off the same glow effect and would be easier to work with.


At your upcoming 4th of July party, put one cotton candy cocktail next to each person’s plate, switching off between pink and blue. Or turn out the lights and surprise your guests by bringing them out on a tray at the end of the meal for dessert.


If you can get your hands on your own cotton candy machine, use glow sticks in place of the paper cones when spinning the sugar. SO cool.


Fireworks have got nothing on these! 😉 Make sure to post your pics on the Smarty Facebook page.


xo Esther