bourbon maple cider recipe

Bourbon Maple Cider Recipe |


4 cocktails

What you need:

  • Pedestal Wine Glasses
  • Bourbon – 4 oz.
  • Applejack – 4 oz.
  • Maple Syrup – 2 oz.
  • Angostura Bitters – 1 dash
  • Hard Cider – 16 oz.



  1. Combine bourbon, applejack, maple syrup and bitters.
  2. Shake it up!
  3. Pour into pedestal wine glasses over ice.
  4. Add 4 oz. of hard cider to each cocktail.
  5. Garnish with apple slices.


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Styling: Jackie Carper, Kenwin Jones, Andrea Roewe

Inspired by: Serious Eats Recipe

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