Dessert Shooters


Create your own delicious dessert shooters using plastic dessert shooters from  Here’s a few ideas:

Strawberry Shortcake In a Glass:

Grab a bit of pound cake, some strawberries and whipped cream and layer into a dessert shooter. Add a sprig of mint on top.

Tiramisu Dessert Shooter:

Get some lady fingers, soak them in Kahlua and smoosh into the bottom of your dessert shooter glass. Add in some vanilla pudding, another layer of lady fingers and top with a drizzle of chocolate. This is a dessert shooter for adults only!

Banana Pudding Dessert Shooter:

Add some crushed vanilla wafers to the bottom of the dessert shooter glass, layer in a slice of banana and vanilla pudding. Make one more layer of all 3 ingredients. Top with a slice of fresh banana.

Coconut Cream Pie Dessert Shooter:

Put a layer of graham crackers in the bottom of the shot glass, add in some toasted coconut and vanilla pudding. Do two full layers and top with fresh whipped cream.

Chocolate Kiss Goodnight:

Crush a few chocolate kisses and put in a layer at the bottom of the shot glass. Top with crumbled chocolate cake and a bit of raspberry liquor. Add another layer and top with fluffy whipped cream drizzled with raspberry liquor.

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  • Birdie

    What size shooter glass are you using for these receipes ?

  • stacy

    Can you freeze any of these above and then thaw them out? I was wondering if the ingredients would separate or if it would just be gross. Then also would the plastic shooters break when thawing?

    • Martina

      Good morning Stacy! You can totally freeze the shot glasses. As for the dessert shooters, I don’t think that they would separate, but I also don’t think that they would taste nearly as good as if you ate them fresh. The cake crumbles and cookies may become slightly mushy though. Best of luck, and let us know what happens if you make ’em!

  • Dee

    This looks amazing! I work for the company that makes the caddy, Clipper Mill. You can get those (plus other caddies) here:

    • Martina

      Thanks for the tip, Dee! <3

  • Michelle

    I love this! Simple yet nice for a dinner party. I plan to use at my next party

    • Martina

      I agree, Michelle! And they’re especially great because you can cater to everyone’s tastes. You’ll share pics when you make them, won’t you? 🙂

  • MixnSip

    This is so sweet – in every sense of the word. I’m going to make some for my next cocktail party. They’ll be the perfect complement.