DIY Terrarium Centerpieces

Keep up with the wedding trends and give your table an enamoring Beauty and the Beast feel with these enchanting rose centerpieces.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2+ mini domed cake stands
  • 2-3 fake or fresh roses per cake stand (or other preferred flower)
  • 8+ old hardcover books
  • a couple handfuls of greenery
  • 3+ candles

How to make ’em:

  1. Lay a handful of greenery on each cake stand.
  2. Put 2-3 roses on top of the greenery and enclose them with a glass dome top.
  3. Make a few uneven stacks of books and place one cake stand on each stack.
  4. Surround the cake domes with candles, including on top of remaining stack(s).

Perfect for spring and summer, these centerpieces make any table look absolutely charming. For an added touch, place a pile of personalized matchboxes next to the centerpiece. Click here for super simple directions how to make them yourself.

There are so many other ways to fill these mini cake domes, like with candles or desserts. Try sticking an edible glitter cupcake in each dome and put one by each person’s plate. That will definitely get your guests talking. Or check out our DIY Rustic Guestbook table post to see how to turn them into little bird nests.

More Smarty ideas are always welcome. Just post ’em on our Facebook page.

xo Esther

  • wow I love this! and adding books is a brilliant idea!

    • I think so too, Charmaine! It gives it such a charming feel, don’t you think?