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Spring is on its way (we promise), and with it thoughts of nature. Give the gift of green to guests with DIY succulent wedding favors! Succulent favors are both eco-chic and budget friendly, and your guests will love getting a plant to take home and grow as a symbol of your love. You can buy mini succulents from your local garden shop or nursery for $3-$4 each. These cute mini bowls are less than $1 each and come in a case of 100 or packs of 5, making it easy to order the amount you need for your wedding, shower, or birthday party. We’ve included our printable tags that say “Let Love Grow” and a sign that says “All things Grow with Love” to accompany your favors.

Here's what you need to make DIY Succulent Wedding Favors! | Smarty Had A Party

What you need:

Step 1:

Remove succulent from container. Add a little water to mini bowl, and place succulent inside. Press soil down to keep plant moist.

Step 2:

Cut out printable “Let Love Grow” tags. Take bamboo pick and fold tag in half using adhesive to keep in it place. We used a tape runner, but you could also use a glue stick or a small piece of double stick tape.

Step 3:

Place bamboo pick with tag in the soil of planted succulent.

All Things Grow with Love! DIY succulent wedding favors. | Smarty Had A Party

All Things Grow with Love printables! | Smarty Had A Party

Download All Things Grow with Love printable here!

Much Party Love, Smarties!


Styling: Ashleigh Johnson and Ashley Dolan

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  • Aldina Costa

    Who can inform me Where I can by de small mini bowls?

  • Claudia H

    I love love love this as a seating chart/ wedding favor for my wedding!!! do you know what size succulents were used for these bowls?

    • Hi Claudia! The diameter of the mini bowl is about 2 3/4″ so we suggest using succulents that are 2-3″ long. Hope that this helps 🙂 .

  • Raquel

    Hi, I love this! And thanks for the download! Will it print in the chalk board type of color, or do you suggest buying paper in that color?


    • Hi Raquel! We are so glad you like the succulent idea! Our download will print in the chalk board color, so you can print it on white paper. 🙂

  • Wendy Cleare

    how do you order the mini bowls??

  • Nicole F


    I just found your website from Pinterest! I love the succulent idea, do you have any idea when your (5 set) bowls will be back in stock?? My wedding is at the end of this March!!


    • Hey Nicole! So happy you found us! And thrilled you love the succulent idea. 🙂 The mini bowls could be back in stock as early as Wednesday, Feb. 11 so I’d check back next week! Congrats on your big day – so exciting! Xoxo <3

  • Hanna

    I love this idea! I’m getting married in June and would love to do these as a wedding favor, but your mini bowls have been out of stock on the website for a long time! Do you know if y’all will be getting anymore in any time soon?? Thanks!

    • Hey Hanna, I have some good news for you! These mini bowls should be back in stock within 1-2 weeks! So happy you love this idea 🙂 Congrats on your wedding and happy planning! Xoxo

  • David Becker

    Love all the eco-friendly ideas – lots of inspiration and great photos!

    • Thanks David! Eco-friendly event trends are still going strong this year and we love it!

  • Pamela

    Did you order the succulents from somewhere specific (wholesale? Bulk? ) Love this!

    • Hey Pamela! We got these succulents from our local garden shop, but I’m sure you could buy them in bulk somewhere. Glad you love the idea! 😉

  • Zoviel Charles

    I love this idea! I would to do this for my wedding in June. Where would I go to order the mini bowls? Thanks!