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Father's Day Necktie Napkin Fold | Smarty Had A Party

If your dad’s like my dad, he’d rather have a tie on a plate than around his neck. Instead of giving another necktie for Father’s Day, surprise dad with a delicious breakfast, sporting this festive place setting! He’ll love it. We used patterned paper napkins, but you can also use cloth napkins. Follow this tutorial and learn how to tie the tie dad’s not expecting.

How to fold a necktie napkin! Perfect for Father's Day | Smarty Had A Party

Step 1: Open napkin, print side down.

Step 2: Fold bottom left corner up according to picture.

Step 3: Fold top right corner down, to create a point on the top left.

Step 4: Fold excess napkin on the left, to create a straight line.

Step 5-6: Fold left and right edges in once more about 1/3 of the way and press down to crease.

Step 7: Bring top point of tie down and over.

Step 8: Flip tie over.

Step 9: Wrap folded piece around the front of the tie.

Step 10: Flip tie over, wrap around back, and tuck edge in.

Father's Day Place Setting that's just right for Dad! | Smarty Had A Party


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Sending our Smartiest wishes to all the dads out there! Have a Happy Father’s Day!

Much Party Love, Smarties!



Styling: Ashley Dolan

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