Ferrero Favors

‘Here is an AWESOME idea for a wedding favor/escort card combination that is both classy, unique and affordable! Take a look at the cost breakdown:

The Chocolate: Locally, you can get them in a pack of 3 for $1 any time of year. That’s 33 cents each. If you buy large packages, it’s even cheaper. And – they are beautifully wrapped right out of the box!

The Tooth Picks: Get good ones, it will still only cost you about $2 for 100 or more!

The Circles: Make it easier for yourself and buy or borrow a large circle punch. Check on eBay where you can get one for $10-$15 or so. Look for something around 1 1/2 – 2″. Design a simple circle and print out 15/sheet on cardstock, then punch out with your circle punch. Make sure to print two for each name. Use double-sided tape to attached the circles to the picks.

Not into the computer thing? Just punch out plain circles and decorate them with stamps or have the names done in calligraphy (adds to the cost though).

Cost if you buy a punch and print your own: less then 50 cents per favor!’

Credit for this find goes to Budget Dream Weddings and  a $10,000 wedding, who stumbled across this awesome idea by arecent Los Angeles bride. Wedding Photographer: Teness Herman.