Girls Night!

Pour some wine, share the juiciest gossip and dive into chocolate decadence at an all girls night party!  This is my favorite kind of party, when it’s just the good ol gals and nothing else in the world matters! It’s a chilled, layed back, and comforting atmosphere. You are surrounded  by the people who stood by your side when you needed fashion help, had a boy crisis, or just needed a shoulder to cry on.  And of course all the reminiscing and juicy gossip puts everyone in the best of giddy moods!

Bring out the girliest comfort foods like chocolate and more chocolate! Dont forget the cheesy cocktails and yummy wines! Decorate by hanging up old pictures or private/personal jokes to stir  up those past time memories! Incorporate lots of feminine textures (glitter, fur, feathers, etc) and colors like PINK!! Place old yearbooks or fashion magazines around for the guests to flip through.

Set up a spa themed buffet table with spa candy, drinks, and cookies!

Cupcakes: TomKat Studio, Bubble Bath Bar: Sparkling Events, Drinks in cosmetic containers: Jamee Lee, Spa Table: NonPareil Mag, Face Mask cookies: Thoughtfully Simple, Flip flops: The Party Dress

(Pics taken from: The Party Muse )


  • Hi Diane! Thanks for stopping by.

    We do not have those birthday invitations, however, we do have quite an extensive selection of pink items. If you search “pink” on our homepage, you just might find something unique to add to your party

  • Diane Thurston

    Hello, I’m having a surprise Birthday Party for my Mom she will be 90 I love the girls night. Do you have the Birthday invitations to go with it?? Her Birthday is Dec. 23, 2011??? Thanks for any help you can give me.