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DIY Paper Lantern Chandelier | Smarty Had A Party!

Paper lanterns are the perfect way to perk up an event space. They’re a hot trend, and I’ve seen so many fun ways to use them. You can use lanterns with lighting for a backyard party, use them to dress up a dessert table or food station, or hang them in clusters like a chandelier. What we love about this DIY Paper Lantern Chandelier is that it adds height and dimension to your overall tablescape design while bringing pops of color to the room. Paper lantern chandeliers work best in a venue where you can hang them from ceiling beams or exposed duct work. If the space you’re in doesn’t have these features, see if you can install screw hooks above your tables to make hanging simple. Here’s how to create your own paper lantern chandeliers!

DIY Paper Lantern Chandelier | Smarty Had A Party!

What you need:

  • fishing line
  • scissors
  • paper lanterns in various sizes and color

Our paper lanterns come in 11 colors and three sizes:

Paper Lanterns from Smarty Had A Party

Smarty Tip: I chose 16″ lanterns in bold, bright hues that matched my color scheme, and 8″ and 12″ lanterns in neutral or earth tones to complement.

Step 1: 

Measure the length from the ceiling (or the point from which you’re hanging your lanterns) to the table. Subtract 3-4 feet from this length to make sure the chandelier doesn’t obstruct your guests’ views. Cut a piece of fishing line to this length and tie it to the metal frame inside the lantern that will hang closest to the table. I recommend using an 8″ or 12″ paper lantern. The 16″ lantern is a bit too large for the base of the arrangement.

Step 2:

Tie lengths of fishing line to the 16″ lanterns and add those to the arrangement in varying heights to build bulk. The more you add, and the closer together they are, the wider the chandelier will be.

Step 3:

Tie lengths of fishing line to the 8″ and 12″ lanterns and hang them at varying heights to fill in the arrangement and create the look you want.


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Much Party Love, Smarties!

Styling: Ashley Dolan and Ashleigh Johnson

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    • Hey there Joy! So happy this post inspired you 🙂 We’d love to see how it turns out! Xoxo.