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Setting Up A Mimosa Bar |

Whether you’re hosting an engagement party, bridal brunch, baby shower, or a weekend get-together just because, Smarty has everything you need to easily assemble a mimosa bar! Spring is full of celebrations, and a mimosa bar, overflowing with sweetness and color, makes a great refreshment station. Besides its stunning display, a mimosa bar lets guests design their own colorful cocktails while offering a low-maintenance serving option for the hostess. Juice and fruit bring so many beautiful colors to the table, the only decor you need is a few fresh-cut flowers.

Setting up a mimosa bar is simple. Start with champagne in an ice bucket, then add carafes of juice, and bowls of fresh fruit. We served lemons, raspberries, grapefruit, limes, strawberries and oranges. The juices we served were pineapple, grapefruit, cran-raspberry, orange, blackberry, and mango-passion fruit.

Set up champagne flutes on either end of the bar, and place a pick in each flute. The picks make it easy for guests to add fruit to their mimosas. We created “Cheers!” labels to attach to each pick and  labeled the juices. All that’s left to do is pour the bubbly, add some juice, top with fruit, and cheers!

Everything you need to set up a Mimosa Bar! | Smarty Had A Party

What you need:

Cheers! Setting up your own Mimosa Bar! | Smarty Had A Party

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Much Party Love, Smarties!


Styling: Ashley Dolan and Ashleigh Johnson

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  • kristine juan

    can i also find the bowls you used at the website? how big are those fruit bowls? thanks

  • Bar, friends, party has awesome life.

  • Where did you find the bamboo picks?

  • Sandy

    What size carafes did you use and would you use the same size for the Bellini purée? We are getting ready for my daughter’s bridal shower and she wants both. Thanks so much.

  • Hi Ashley! I just came across your site via Pinterest. Love your site and your Mimosa Bar idea!! We have a similar setup available through viaONEHOPE where you can get most of the items you’ve shown including the bubbly in one set…and you give back back to a wonderful cause at the same time! Pehaps an option for those limited on time.

  • Dawn

    How many bottle of champagne do you anticipate that bucket holding?

  • kiki

    What kind of champagne do you recommend.

    • Hey Kiki! I tend to buy the least expensive champagne so I can buy more of it, but I guess that’s just the Smarty in me! 😉 The juice outweighs the taste of the champagne so no need to get fancy with your champagne selection. I would recommend using a dry champagne though if you don’t want it to be too sweet. Happy celebrating!

  • Love this idea. How did you attach the Cheers labels to the bamboo sticks.

    • Hey Mary Jo! We used a double sided tape roller on the back of the labels to attach them to the bamboo picks. Cheers!

  • Missy

    What different juices did you use??

    • Hey Missy! The juices we served were pineapple, grapefruit, cran-raspberry, orange, blackberry, and mango-passion fruit. Cheers! 😉

  • Lauren

    I love this Mimosa Bar idea! I am making a Lilly Pulitzer themed Mimosa Bar for my friend’s bridal shower. I was wondering how many bottles of champagne and juice you all did for how many people. Thanks!

    • Hey Lauren! A Lilly Pulitzer Mimosa Bar? How cute is that! If you’re using 5 oz champagne flutes like ours (, 1 bottle of champagne and 1 bottle of juice should make 12 mimosas. Of course it will depend on the ratio of champagne and juice in the mimosas. The standard mimosa is half champagne half juice, but I tend to prefer 3 parts champagne and one part juice 😉 Keep in mind each guest may have 2-4. Hope this helps!
      PS. We’d LOVE to see pictures of the finished product! Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram 🙂 Happy celebrating!

  • I used your blog post as card inspiration in my weekly video!

    • Aww, that is too cute Penny! Thanks so much for sharing! Xoxo <3

  • Love this !! Can you tell me what typeface/ font you used!?

    • Hey Kayla! So happy you love it. We used a free font called Lavanderia. 🙂

      • Jessica

        What did you use for the 1, 2. 3 and the rest of the sign? Love it!

  • Nadine

    How did you get the mimosa bar sign printed on such large craft paper?

    • Hey Nadine! We recommend going to your local printer and getting it screen printed. If that’s not an option for you, we suggest using a white paint marker and either stenciling, or if you have pretty writing, just freehand! Xoxo <3

  • Nadine

    How did you get the sign printed on such large craft paper?

  • Andrea

    I have never made these… Can you tell me what champagne you recommend?

  • Love your signage and labels! Where did you get them or what did you use to make them? (i.e. labels for champagne picks and Mimosa Bar banner) Thanks!

    • Thanks Mary! The labels for the champagne picks, we printed “Cheers!” out on cardstock. The Mimosa Bar banner, we made out of Kraft paper. We’d love to see pictures of how yours turns out! Xoxo

  • You have some of the most awesome ideas….

    • Aww thanks Tammy! Glad you like them 🙂