diy squash centerpiece vase

DIY Squash Vase Centerpiece |

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5 eco-chic wedding ideas

5 Eco-Chic Wedding Ideas | Smarty Had A Party

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diy succulent wedding favors

Shop Succulent Wedding Favors DIY Inspiration Idea from

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How To Make Your Next Party A Little More Green

These days, everyone is looking for ways to reduce their impact on the earth, whether that entails going as far as buying an electric car or something smaller, like making more of an effort to recycle bottles and cans. [Read More…]

Throw An Eco-Friendly Dinner Party

Earth Day is April 22. If you frequently entertain guests, consider having your next get-together be an eco-party! Your guests will be impressed by your unique theme and you’ll hopefully raise some awareness, too. [Read More…]