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Set up one of these at your kid’s slumber party, and you’ve got the early lead for Mother of the Year! As well as the perfect activity to keep guests not only thrilled, but busy, too. Smarty has everything you need to create one of the most sweet-tooth-satisfying sleepover candy stations any pajama party’s ever seen.

Personalized Candy Scoops for each guest! Sleepover Candy Station | Smarty Had A Party

Provide each guest with their own personalized candy scoop and can to fill with treats. Use hot glue and beads to spell each guest’s name and tie a ribbon around the end of the scoop so they can strap it to their wrist.

Sleepover Candy Station | Smarty Had A Party

Mini cupcakes + candy filled cups = oh so cute serving idea! | Smarty Had A Party

Fill flutes with candy and add a mini cupcake on top!

Caramel Sprinkled Rims! Sleepover Candy Station | Smarty Had A Party

Dip the rims of mini carafes in caramel and roll in sprinkles for a fun and tasty glass of milk. Top off with candy pink straws!

Sleepover Candy Station | Smarty Had A Party

Check out our tutorial for how to make this paper lantern garland!


Much Party Love, Smarties!


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3.Silver Heart Plastic Candy Scoops
4. 7.5 oz Mini Plastic Carafes
5. 5 oz Sovereign Plastic Flutes
6. 8″ Fuchsia Round Paper Lanterns
7. White 3/8″ Satin Edged Organza Ribbon
8. Candy Pink Striped Paper Straws

Styling: Ashley Dolan and Ashleigh Johnson

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