thankful napkin fold and placecard tutorial

Thankful Napkin Fold

If you’re looking for the perfect napkin fold and placecard idea for this year’s Thanksgiving feast, look no further. Our Thankful Napkin Fold and Placecard Tutorial will add a personal touch to any event. Create this festive napkin fold with these simple steps:

Thankful Napkin Fold Step by Step

What you need:

Thankful Napkin Placecards

How to create the placecards:

  1. Download and print our thankful napkin placecards here!
  2. Cut each placecard out and fold in half.
  3. Write your guest’s name on the front.
  4. Write a personalized note to your guest on the inside of the placecard. We wrote why we are thankful for each of our guests.
  5. Tuck the placecard inside the napkin.

*Smarty Party Tip 1: Make sure the placecard sticks out of the napkin enough to see your guest’s name.

*Smarty Party Tip 2: If your placecard will not stay tightly attached to your napkin, you can use a small piece of tape to adhere the placecard to the napkin.

Thankful Napkin Fold on a place setting

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Styling: Jackie Carper, Kenwin Jones, Andrea Roewe

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