thanksgiving napkin fold

Thanksgiving Napkin Fold Tutorial |

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you probably have a lot on your mind like who is making what dish, should there be a seating chart to appease everyone, and who will be on dish duty this year…Great news! You can say goodbye to one huge burden…washing the dishes! This year choose elegant disposable dishes for less stress and no dishes.

Okay…so now we are on to bigger and better things like the table.

Here is what you need for a beautiful Thanksgiving table:

  1. Tablecloth – we used navy polyester
  2. Charger Plate – we used orange
  3. Silverware – we used baroque
  4. Plates – we used the mix and match disposable china
  5. Wine Glasses – we used Smartyware
  6. Champagne Glasses – we used Smartyware
  7. Centerpiece Vase – we used the disposable cans
  8. Napkins – we used burnt orange polyester dinner napkins and blue grandeur dinner napkins

So now that you have everything you need to make a gorgeous table, follow the Thanksgiving napkin fold tutorial below to awe your guests even further.

Thanksgiving Napkin Fold Tutorial |

The Thanksgiving napkin fold is a great conversation starter, will dual as a functional napkin and a toy for the kids, and the Thanksgiving napkin fold is cute and elegant.

Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin Fold |

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Party Seriously, Smarties!


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