The Love Table for Two

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Whether the day gets you tingly, filled with butterflies, nauseous, panicky, stressed, or excited – either way, the  gig is happening folks, and by happening I mean: 2 Weeks. 14 Days. 336 Hours. 20,160 minutes…  (okay, someone stop me now before I try to figure out the seconds – didn’t expect to be doing math while writing this blog post… just got a lil carried away, that’s all).

However you want to count down to it, the fact is that this day sneakily arrives every year, so you don’t want it jumping you from behind and giving you a HEART-attack (hahaha, that was awesome, and you know it). We must be prepared!

The Downside…
… is that I just reminded you that you need to figure out what romantic stunts you’re going to pull out of your hat (or sleeve, for those of you who aren’t hat people) for this big, fluffy, pinkish-reddish oozing day; a day that decided to plunk itself down right in the middle of February, and proclaim itself as the romance-fest of the year: Valentine’s Day. (Alright, I admit it. I went overboard on the build-up. But hey: I’m a romantic).

The Upside…
… is that we at Smarty Had A Party are going to lift this burden off of your shoulders. We prepared a very Smarty Valentine’s Day for you and your special someone, and we’ll even let you take the credit for it. Now that,  baby,  is love.

Alright, now check out how creative and romantic we – I mean, you – are:

All the glitz & details:


The Tableware

Valentine's Day DIY Tablesetting! A Love Table for Two by #SmartyHadAParty

  1.  9.5″ Square Red Plastic Dinner Plates
  2.  8″ Square White Plastic Plastic Plates
  3. 10.75″ Square White Plastic Dinner Plates
  4. Red Linen Polyester Cloth Dinner Napkins)
  5. White Table Runner with Red Damask Flocking
  6. 60 x 60 Satin Pink Table Topper Overlay
  7. Baroque Flatware Value Pack Cutlery Set
  8.  3.5 oz Plastic Champagne Flutes
  9. 12 oz Clear Plastic Drink Cup Party Glass


The Decor

Three ‘romantical’ napkin tutorials  to add some flirtatious flair to your wine & dining.  See the tutorials HERE.

DIY Valentine's Day Romantic Napkin Folding Tutorials by #SmartyHadAParty

DIY Valentines Day Romantic Rose Napkin Folding Tutorial by #SmartyHadAParty

DIY Valentine's Day Romantic Heart Napkin Folding Tutorial by #SmartyHadAParty

DIY Valentines Day Romantic Heart Napkin Folding by #SmartyHadAParty


The Indulging Decadents

It’s time to satisfy the taste buds with some alluring treats.


Valentine's Day Heart Cutout Cupcake Tutorial Recipe by #SmartyHadAParty

Raspberry Mint Champagne Cocktail Recipe by #SmartyHadAParty


The Indulging Decadents Tableware Accessories:

  1. 5.9″ Red Bamboo Heart Picks
  2. Square White Plastic Coffee Mug
  3. 6.5″ Square Red Plastic Cake Plates
  4. Red Paper Cocktail Napkins
  5. White Cocktail Napkins
  6. 32 oz Personal Ice Bucket


You’re welcome, Smarties! Let me know how it goes because as you know, I’m always after all the juicy details from you Smartying party peeps!

Hugs & kisses and bestest Valentine’s Day wishes!  <3




  • Gloria

    awesome…..Martina You come up with great Idea…I love heart napkin fold!

  • Wow, talk about a one-stop shop for a great how-to manual for Valentine’s Day! Lots of great ideas here! I’m really fond of that Layered Heart napkin fold… I think I’m going to have to try that one. That and the raspberry mint champagne cocktails. It’s going to be a good Valentine’s Day this year!