Trend Alert: Miniature Foods

Miniature food display

Move over bacon; there’s a new trend in town.  Miniature versions of your favorite foods will be hitting party tables across America this year.  No more indecision about which entree to pick – with these bite-sized morsels you can try one of each!

Of course, the key to this delectable display is presentation with each bite looking like a fully-prepared miniature gourmet meal. Give each guest a little something special by serving each food option in its own signature miniature dish.

The best part about this trend is that it gives your guests a variety of foods to whet their pallet without breaking your wallet. Miniature foods are often just as cost-friendly as serving appetizers and hors d’oeuvres and still gives an air of “full meal.”

Another fun aspect of miniature foods is that it gives the creative caterer a lot of leeway for presentation and styling.  Displaying the miniature dishes on top of tiered stands presents an opportunity for a colorful and pleasing view, a’la the adorable dessert tables we’re all so fond of.

Another cost-cutting benefit of small servings is that event hosts may be able to forgo the use of china entirely, opting for tiny plastic dinnerware that is conducive to proper portions.

To add to the experience of sample-sized fare, consider having the chef in an open area where all the guests can watch as the cuisine is created.  The chef doubles as entertainment for your guests and creates a conversation piece all at the same time. And if you’re really into mini – consider serving two or three signature miniature cocktails at your soiree to add to your arsenal.  You know what they say…dynamite comes in small packages!

Looking for a “little” inspiration for bite-sized delights?

Check out some of our favorite miniature recipes:


mini-grilled-cheese-hearts mini-miniature-club-sandwich  sweet-roasted-pepper-mini-tarts-miniature-food-recipe
Miniature Grilled Cheese Hearts Mini Club Sandwiches Sweet Roasted Pepper Tartlets Lasagna Cupcakes

Until next time, party on, Smarties!